Guangming Lang

About me

I am a data scientist and I create analytic solutions and machine learning models for crypto traders, fintech businesses, and marketing companies. I also provide statistical analysis on clinical trial data for medical doctors and pharmaceuticals companies. I do all my work in front of my Mac and over the internet. I love my work.

I also enjoy tango dancing, running, reading, and cooking.

I used to live in Ann Arbor, where I went to graduate school and later founded Cabaceo, an analytics service company. I currently live in Seoul to wait out COVID.

I have a BA in math from New College of Florida and a MS in biostatistics from the University of Michigan.

PS: I had a near-death experience at Berthoud Pass. I got lost in the snowy mountains and climbed a tree to stay warm throughout the night. I hiked out the next morning following the sound of cars from the highway.

If you need data science or machine learning solutions

Email me at [email protected]. You can find some of my past projects here.

If you want to become great at R

Check out the community at I’ve also written two books:

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