Guangming Lang

I’m a data scientist and I’ve been doing data analysis for more than ten years. My current interests are natural language processing and DeFi analytics. For the last eight years, I’ve helped more than 160 clients in over ten different industries. You can check out some of my projects here. On average, I’ve been able to produce at least 10X return on investment for my clients. And that’s what I’m passionate about.

When I’m not working, I enjoy running, reading, and cooking.

I used to live in Ann Arbor, where I attended the University of Michigan for graduate school. Currently I’m living in Seoul because of COVID.

An interesting fact about me: I had a near-death experience at Berthoud Pass in the Rocky Mountains. I got lost in the snowy mountains and climbed up and down a tree to stay warm throughout the night. I hiked out the next morning following the sound of cars from the highway.

I used to write about R and data science at but haven’t done so for a while. I plan to go back to it this year, writing about NLP and DeFi. I have written two technical books: